About Us

“We believe strongly in making the environment clean and our energy resources efficient. Our mission is to help you find ways to use the energy resources In your home more effectively to reduce cost and improve overall comfort in your home.”

Chace Arfmann Family

Four Seasons Insulation is among the highest ranked insulation providers in the Intermountain West. We are licensed, insured, and provide a wide variety of insulation services. We are currently serving Utah and Idaho. Four Seasons Energy representatives are very knowledgeable in energy efficiency, and we understand what is important to you, the homeowner.

Our goal is not only to save you money, but to reduce your carbon footprint as well. Our trained insulation specialists will provide a detailed outline on how you can lower your rising energy costs!

Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee is simple: If any portion of our insulation is not to your total upmost satisfaction, then we will redo that designated area until it is done right; we will refund any additional cost associated on that job. In addition, we also offer a LIFETIME GUARANTEE against insulation settling. If settling occurs, your home will receive a full replacement at no cost.

Chace was born and raised in Salmon Idaho, a small town in Lemhi County. After graduating high school, he attended Boise State University pursuing a degree in marketing. While attending Boise State he developed an extensive background in sales and marketing through selling, managing, and owning his first company. After finding much success in his field, he expanded out and started Four Seasons Insulation in 2011.

Chace’s background in sales and marketing have expanded Four Seasons Insulation to become a top competitor in the industry. He is committed on making every customer’s home more comfortable and energy efficient.